I’ll be putting any posts here specifically relevant to the Historical Sew Monthly Challenges 2015 as I partake in them. Each post will be written in chronological order and labelled according to the month the Challenge was undertaken in (for example, May’s Challenge posts will be labelled “May Challenge #1”, “May Challenge #2”, and so on). This means that if you missed the first few posts detailing my inspiration, images and links for it you can still play catch-up and see the process I went through.

This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this which means that I’ll be sticking to the very basics of basics to begin with, so apologies if your skillset is far beyond mine! However, we all have to start somewhere and the important thing is that we do actually start (coming from a classic procrastinator, that’s saying something lol).

The HSM Challenges can be found via the link below so take a good look if you’re interested in historical reconstruction or need inspiration.

I’m looking forward to it but yes…slightly bricking it. 😉



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