Stitched Skulls and Pirates…

Well, kind of… 😉

I’m currently practicing some new skills I’d like to acquire this year so first up is one of my favourite sayings from “The Princess Bride”. It’s one of mine and the family’s favourite ever movies so I thought I’d stitch it.

“As you wish”…So much sass!

I’m been inspired by some of the blogs I’ve been reading so here’s the fabric that I’m stitching it on:



It’s lovely! I’ve had it in my craft cupboard for a few years but never really found anything I could do with it. Until now, that is. I’ll post some progress pics tomorrow but it looks pretty good if I may say so. 😀

So far I’ve used stem stitch and back stitch on the lettering but I’m not sure what to use for the little logo I’ve done of his mask, bandanna and moustache. Maybe I’ll try stumpwork, haven’t used that before. Hmm…