I’ve been looking into quilting today, something I’ve never tried but always wanted to. I got treated to a sewing machine about eight months ago and quite frankly, it’s just sat there as I’m too scared to use it. However, planning on starting since I’ll need to be able to use it very soon. 😉

I’m getting quite inspired by some of the fabrics I’ve been looking at. I love muted, natural colours and fabrics like those below are really “speaking” to me and I’m kind of getting really inspired by what I can do with them. What do you think?

$_35 curtain-upholstery-fabric-woodland-bird-red-blue-1_1 Acorn-and-Leaf-Stone Flat Shots Flat Shots il_340x270.541253188_tntd LIWT01 images (6) mushroom rrbirch_tree_fabric.ai_shop_thumb rrrWoodland_friends_red_shop_preview rrrdemask_pattern.pdf_mirror

I’ve also seen some beautiful quilts, and I’m itching to get started. All I need do is measure twice, cut once and stitch a straight line. Right? Yep, that’s what I keep telling myself. 😉

Just take a look at these. Gorgeous!

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So inspired!!! ^_^